Original jewelry for original people.

Jewelry is one way we express our personalities. I am a lifelong lover of jewelry, and now greatly enjoy designing and making it. Ideas are sparked by the materials themselves and inspiration from everywhere. I work hard to make what I think someone would like to wear and own.

With jewelry, the possibilities are endless. Colors, patterns, textures, finishes, materials - there are limitless combinations. That's why it is fun to make and even more fun to wear.

I work with glass and a wide range of natural stones. Metal finishes used are stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and copper plated with silver, gold and gunmetal. Hand-shaped wire is used in every piece, sometimes in hammered spirals and other interesting shapes. When you buy one of my pieces, you are buying something no one else has.

Stones used include: * Jaspers (picture, unakite, Mookaite) * Agates (carnelian, spider, moss, yellow) * Lapis lazuli * Hematite * Quartz (rose, clear) * Fluorite (green, rainbow) * Sodalite * Aventurine * Bronzite * Tiger's eye * Howlite * Obsidian (mahogany, snowflake) * Amber * Malachite * Citrine * Amethyst * Aquamarine * Rhodonite * Freshwater pearl

I hope you find something here that you just can't live without!

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